Who We Are

Improving the health of our community through movement of mind, body and spirit.


Our charity works to improve the quality of life in our community.  Obesity, diabetes, hyper-tension, stress and low self esteem devastates families and communities.

We use social, entertaining group exercise alternatives like “soul line dancing” in a “no fault” supportive family atmosphere to help people take control of their health, their lives and their dreams.

We are currently using donor contributions in two areas.  First we provide outreach and promotions by sponsoring and providing free soul line dance workshops to introduce organizations, schools, churches and businesses to the benefits of group exercise.  Secondly we provide scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in the areas of health services and technologies who will come back and make a difference in their communities.

We Are Phasing To A Better Tomorrow

  • PHASE ONE – Outreach and Promotion, exposing the world to the benefits and fun of soul line dancing.
  • PHASE TWO – Implementation and Replication, fitness, nutrition and education programs that are demonstrated, measured and then replicated around the country
  • PHASE THREE – Foundations and Technology,  job education utilizing youth and under employed in the technology of distribution, via internet, digital media, and social networking
  • PHASE FOUR – Community and Incubator, establish permanent community facilities for conducting alternative health, technology education,  and  develop broadcast and media distribution

Our “No Fault” Approach Works

Cheza Inc. is the non-profit arm of J&J Soulful Steps, an organization with over 10 years of history in community outreach and health improvement through the medium of Soul Line Dancing.   Cheza is a well-established, nonprofit resource agency that promotes healthy nutrition, education and alternative group exercises.  Success in learning, remembering and performing challenging dances helps improve individual fitness, mental acuity and increases self esteem.

Cheza partners with churches, community health organizations, American Diabetes Association, and businesses to  improve the health of our local communities, particularly those in the inner city.


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